Erica Lyons - September 17, 2020


I woke up today to three new text messages from my mother. We buried her in April, but apparently not her phone.

“There is a logical explanation,” says my husband, “Call your dad.”


“Maybe he found the phone and turned it on. Theyre from the morning of the accident. They probably didnt go through then.”


Instead I reply to all three of the texts.

“Did you call your dad?” my husband asks.

“No. I told my Mom that I love her.”

“That’s crazy.”

“Crazy would be to not take this one last chance.”

I wait for a response.

Erica Lyons is the founder of Asian Jewish Life – a journal of spirit, society, and culture. In addition to Asian Jewish Life, her writing appears in a wide variety of books and media publications including Sh’ma, Not a Muse: The Inner Lives of Women, a World Poetry Anthology, Los Angeles in the 1970s, The South China Morning Post, The Jewish Press, The Times of Israel, and Expat Living. She has just completed work on a Middle Grade fiction manuscript. She lives in Hong Kong with her husband, four children, and two cats.