What is the Big Whoopie Deal???

BWD is an aesthetically soothing zone for literature. We are an eclectic mix. Wacky joyrides into cultish Coen-brother stories, memoirs from the kitchen, mindscapes of a twisted relationship, dreamy poetry, feminine flash-shots, and discussions about social justice. So long as the writing stands out and has something to say.


Suzanne Pearl

Tim Tompson

Interns: Ray Parlour, Gus Cairn and Penelope Smith


Submissions are all made on our submittable page.  

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The 2021 Big Whoopie Prizes

Submissions for The 2021 Big Whoopie Prizes are now closed. General submissions remain open!

The Non-Boring Things You’ll Want To Know:

  • The categories are Fiction, Nonfiction and Poetry.
  • The Prize Money is $200.
  • Entries are made on submittable. You’ll need to check a box for $6 on the appropriate page to be considered.
  • The Judges are Tim Tompson and Suzanne Pearl, the editors of Big Whoopie Deal.
  • All submissions will also be considered for online publication independently of the prize: accepted or declined submissions with the ‘prize’ box checked will remain under consideration for the prize until the winners are announced.
  • The winning submission(s) will be featured online with Big Whoopie Deal.

The Boring Things You’ll Want To Know:

  • The entry must be the entrant’s own original creation and must not infringe upon the right or copyright of any person or entity. Co-authored entries will not be accepted. Multiple entries per person will be accepted.
  • The Big Whoopie Deal Editors will make final decisions on eligibility. Our decisions will be final and no communication will be entered into on the subject.
  • Entries that are incomplete, are corrupted, and/or incite hate will not be considered.
  • The Winner(s) will be announced by November 15th2021.
  • Big Whoopie Deal will have the exclusive world rights to publish the winning piece(s) in online form and to represent foreign rights on the author’s behalf. The author will be contracted with a standard agreement.
  • Big Whoopie Deal reserves the right not to award the prize, as well as to make multiple offers of publication.
  • Big Whoopie Deal reserves the right to vary the rules and conditions of entry and to make any amendments to the published schedule as deemed necessary.